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We have a wealth of web based CRM experience, so you can be sure we know what we're doing and we do it professionally. A real dynamic CRM solution.



We aim to be the best at what we do, we listen, adapt, and develop, making us a leading force in the cloud industry. Your Anytime, Anywhere solution.



We never forget that business is about people and human-to-human relationships, we try our best to communicate in a friendly, human and personal way.



We are a modern, in touch, forward thinking, and switched on company and this is translated into a simple yet sophiscated, hosted CRM solution.

OpenCRM in Action

They say that seeing is believing, so sit back and let us take you on a guided tour of our system. The video is less than 5 minutes and will give you a first glimpse of what we hope will be your future CRM system. If you like what you see, why don’t you head over to our demo and take it for a test drive?

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If you’ve been shopping around for a CRM system, either because you’re thinking of switching from your existing provider or are just dipping your toes into the vast ocean that is the world of CRM, why don’t you have a quick look at how we stack up against the competition?

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What is CRM anyway?

Have you been told you need a CRM system, but aren’t quite sure what they are or how they work? Never fear, help is here! Our goal isn't just to sell a product, we're here to make sure your CRM is right for you and your business. Why not start by following this link to learn all about what CRM stands for and how it can help your business.

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Call in the Experts

OpenCRM is a system that has something for everybody. It is a filled with features and functions designed to make your business life easier. Whether you’re looking for a tool to help you manage your Sales Process, Support Desk, Marketing, Projects, or just about anything else, we’ve got you covered.

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Take it for a spin

There's nothing like actually test driving a car to know if it's really the one for you. The same goes for CRM systems, you should always test out a system to make sure you like the way it handles and if it really suits your needs. Why don't you have a look at our demo and see if OpenCRM is the right system for you?

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Any Questions?

Have you got a few specific questions about what OpenCRM can do? Why don’t you chat with one of our friendly sales representatives? They’ll do their best to answer any questions you might have and you can get a feel for what we’re like as a company.
It’s a win-win situation!

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Don't just take our word for it.

Read what our customers have said about us...

These days it’s second nature to look for customer reviews and ratings. So why don’t you have a read through what our customers have to say about us and get an idea about what we can do for you?

"Straight talking ..? Balanced advice ..? Knowledgeable insight ..? If what you are looking for is top quality cloud solution and innovative advice based on high levels of professionalism, then it is worth talking with OpenCRM. Their collaborative approach to crm business solutions means that they work WITH your sales force, and the end result is so much more a long term solution."
Peter Sylvester
"We have been using OpenCRM for a number of years now and we would really struggle without it. It is cost effective and easy to use and when linked with Sage it provides a very formidable hosted crm package. MC Ware are a very busy IT firm and we cannot afford downtime and I'm happy to say that with OpenCRM we haven't experienced any at all."
Jonathan Wheatley
MC Ware
"It's refreshing to work with such a supportive and organised company. OpenCRM has been an invaluable resource to my business..."
Sue Ricks
Life Change Facilitator

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A Very OpenCRM Christmas Party

A Very OpenCRM Christmas Party

We had our office Christmas party on Friday…it was quite the event. The evening started out with an epic battle of wits, fought on a laser-tag battleg...

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But what about the puppy?!

But what about the puppy?!

When you leave, you need to keep on top of your projects. Cloudbased CRM systems help you do just that. I’m leaving for New York for the holidays. Le...

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Christmas and Budgeting for Priorities

Christmas and Budgeting for Priorities

Last week I wrote about the importance of putting together a wish list of things you need your CRM to do for your business. It just helps you when you...

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Who are OpenCRM?

OpenCRM was launched in 2005 and is still owned and operated by the same people who started it all. Our HQ is based just outside the picturesque market town of Richmond, North Yorkshire, UK. Our customers range in size from start-ups, mid-market businesses to large corporate enterprises. Users of OpenCRM are based around the world and across all continents.

More About Us

Can I easily customise OpenCRM?

We know that all businesses will use OpenCRM in different ways and we recognise that as such, every company will want to hold different information in their system. For example, you can add as many custom fields to your system as you need: showing, hiding, and rearranging both custom and system fields to best suit your business. These fields can be added in any module and, with over 20 different types of custom field, you can tailor your system to meet your needs.

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What software do you integrate with?

OpenCRM can integrate with a wide range of external applications, including Outlook, Google, Sage, Dropbox, and Jotform, just to name a few. If you're interested in learning more about any of these options, why don't you head over to our Integrated Features page to find out if one or more of OpenCRM's integration options are right for you?

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What People Think

Would recommend us 91%
Real support that delivers 87%
Incredibly flexible solution 82%
Nice bunch of boys & girls 97%
Just made CRM easy 74%

If you would like to read more about what our customers think about us, check out our Success Stories.

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Christmas and Time Ou…

I have been counting down the days to Christmas since the 1st of December. Now, it’s less than a week until the big day and my focus is really trying to get all my Projects here at OpenCRM to a place where I can leave them until the 5th of January. Some of these Projects involve work for customers, while others are more to do with larger scale projects, things that will have an effect on our customers, but not for...

Baa Humbug

This week my colleague Ashley and I met up and had a very successful craft night. Although this kind of behaviour is not unusual for us, we did have a good excuse; we were crafting homemade jumpers for OpenCRM’s annual ‘Cheesy Christmas Jumper’ competition, in aid of the charity Papyrus. Instead of spending our money on the jumpers, we thought let’s ‘up-cycle’ old jumpers, and save all the money for the good cause. It is quite easy at this time of...

How do you keep your …

When you have a full team of eager Sales people. how do you keep them motivated? When you have a hosted solution, it means even your traveling Sales people can connect and keep everything up to date. The visuals they need to keep motivated have been integrated into OpenCRM in the form of the pipeline in the Opportunities module, and the target widget in the side bar. I love using the target. In my new role in the sales team, I am in...

The 12 Days of CRM

On the twelfth day of Christmas my CRM gave to me Twelve Leads Converting, Eleven hot Campaigns, Ten perfect Projects, Nine new Invoices, Eight Tickets closing, Seven signed Sales Orders, Six (hundred) additional Settings, ...Five golden reports... Four lovely layouts, Three email templates, Two quotes expiring and, A new ac-ti-vi-ty

Roll up, roll up, it’…

At this time of the year, not only do our stockings getting stuffed full of presents, our inboxes get stuffed full with lots of emails. Marketers are working around the clock to send out their email campaigns with bright, bold and beautiful designs to try and entice us in to their never-ending offers of special Christmas discounts. Trying to stand out from the crowd at this time of year is tricky. That is why I have put together a few pointers...

Can you be too invest…

In business, like life, it’s all about relationships. The core aspect of a CRM is to manage those relationships. Where have you met? What do they like? How many times have you spoken? Ever get those blank moments, where it seems like you are stuck in a storm and then all of the sudden the snow settles and there is silence? I'm waiting for the snow to settle. In the calm, you find strength. When is that point where you need to...

Christmas and Project…

As might be obvious from my recent blog posts, I really love Christmas. My desk currently has a little tree (fully decorated) on it and my monitors have some home-made* Christmas bunting stretched between them. I’m hoping to add some tinsel later this week. I know for some people, Christmas is a daunting time of year. There are so many people to buy for and the shops are busy. Christmas dinner is a lot of work and a lot of people...

To work or not to wor…

Why don’t you see if your cloud-hosted CRM software can help you to work out whether or not you will be working over your Christmas break? This time of year has been known to bring a lot of stress to business owners, managers and to be fair, most staff within a business. Even though we are all looking forward to a good break, it can be a daunting thought that the office will be shut for a certain amount of time...

3 Ways Practice Makes…

Last night I had the American crew from OpenCRM around for a Thanksgiving meal. I’d like to say my intentions for this were fully from the heart, feeling sympathy for them being so far from home, but really it was a chance for me to get some well needed practice in the kitchen, as this year…I am hosting Christmas! Over the last few weeks I have taken up any opportunity to use my new oven to cook roast dinners for guests...

How do you communicat…

In OpenCRM the goal is primarily to store and keep data which is well organised and visible to those who need it. It is also to eliminate the need to have knowledge in one’s head and to greaten openness in sharing information. Last week, I had little to no voice. I was unable to take calls or to do demonstrations like I usually do. Needless to say I was less than operational. However, thanks to the effectiveness of OpenCRM I was...

Christmas and Customi…

It’s that time of year when you’ll spend inordinate amounts of time wracking your brain for the perfect gift for your friends and loved ones. What do they really want? What colour should it be? Do they already have this one? The whole process is a lot easier when there are small children involved, especially when they’re still writing lists to Santa. It’s like a ready-made shopping list…except for the pony! We find the same thing is true when a customer is...

3 Reasons why Project…

As a designer for OpenCRM, it is fair to say that I don’t use the system in my daily routine as much as other colleagues of mine might. Of course for time management I will use the Calendar and Activities on a daily basis, and send emails as and when necessary, but compared to the rest of our work force my needs are normally relatively simple. However, recently I’ve been asked to do some design work for one of our clients...

Tags: Tools for Tailo…

If you’re working in marketing or event planning, being able to target people with specific interests can allow you to tailor a special offer or event to a select group. I went to a comic book convention this weekend, it was great fun. I bought way too many comics (especially with Christmas coming up) and just generally enjoyed a slightly odd, but uniquely relaxing day out. One of the things I really enjoy about going to an event that is really targeted...

And touch down…

It has been hard to avoid (and why would you want to?) the exciting endeavour, which is the Rosetta mission. It has been the talk of our office. Most of us are fascinated by how long the mission has been in progress (10 years!), how much humankind could learn from it and well generally how awesome the whole project is. It seems natural for humans to have this innate curiosity about life and the universe that surrounds us. There is lots...

Efficient Project man…

Good customer service is pivotal, but how do you make sure you get things done right? As you may have read from my previous posts, I’ve moved house in the past couple weeks. I realise that not everyone has the luck to have such amazing teams to rely on when embarking on new projects and it makes me really appreciate the team I am surrounded by at work. The work the projects team does is pivotal to the success of a customer...