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We pride ourselves as a company and as individuals in our dedication to our customers. We work closely with each and every one to ensure that their OpenCRM Solution is the best fit for the way they do business. If you have a particular way of doing things, we don't want to change that, we just want to make OpenCRM work for you. Below are some examples of the configuration and customisation we've carried out in the past.


HomeHunts is a leading property search specialist for luxury properties around the world. They maintain exceptionally high standards and are dedicated to achieving the best results for their clients. With a multi-lingual team of consultants who have in-depth local knowledge of the regions they cover and a level of expertise on the various buying processes, HomeHunts endeavour to exceed all of their clients’ goals and expectations.

Distinctive Publishing

As a creative design company, John Graham and his team at Distinctive Publishing work hard to keep their focus on producing a wide range of publications, websites, as well as a variety of bespoke marketing materials. By keeping an open door policy with their clients and maintaining a hard-working, but friendly culture, the team ensure that their focus is always on producing high quality work that meets their customers’ needs.

Imaging Supplies

Being able to manage sophisticated product records right alongside existing and prospective client information is vital to Imaging Supplies’ business. A high volume office equipment supplier based in Scotland, Imaging Supplies has the dynamics of a specialist company paired with the buying power of a much larger organisation. They supply and manage accounts ranging from small, home offices all the way to universities and other large, public sector accounts, providing a dedicated and supportive account manager to ensure their customers find the right product at the right price.

Rubicon Workflow Solutions Ltd

The team at Rubicon Workflow Solutions are the people to contact when you’ve got a need for a digital solution. They provide software, hardware, and support to ensure that creative professionals have the digital platform they require. Rubicon have a practical and realistic approach to IT and provide a friendly, approachable, and impartial hub for their customers’ needs, regardless of business size or technical complexity.

University of Southampton

Centre for Languages, Linguistics, and Area Studies

The Centre for Languages Linguistics, and Area Studies (LLAS), a research and enterprise group operating within the University of Southampton, has been providing high quality professional development, resources, and information to the higher education sector since 2000.


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Credit Funding in Ope…

Earlier this week, we completed a minor release that will be bringing some exciting new features and enhancements to our customers’ systems over the coming weeks. You can find a little introduction to the two big ticket items over in our version release news story and further details will be available to all our customers in the release notes, published on our own customer portal. But I want to talk about one of the “minor” features that will be included in...

Business Efficiency –…

One of the main purposes of using a CRM is to promote your business efficiency – let you concentrate on running your business whilst the CRM takes care of processes and data management. Because of this, we are mindful that shortcuts and ease of use are keys to a successful CRM implementation and as a result we are always developing enhancements here and there to make the user experience that much slicker. As we prepare to launch the latest updates to...

Avoiding Holiday Chao…

Year end is here, hooray, you made it! But along with all the reporting and financial fun (not) that you have to tackle at this time of the year, there’s one more job that needs to be managed: the holiday rush. No, that the Christmas holiday rush, but the one where everyone suddenly remembers that they have a few days of holiday to use up and are desperate to organise “just a few days off.” In the last month of the financial year…and...

Being Part of the Com…

This can be a very difficult balance, do you do this just to gain some recognition or is a genuine effort to add something to your community or the place where you work? My son came to me recently as a coach of an under 8’s football team and asked if we would like to sponsor the kids with a new strip. After a short conversation, we decided that we would be delighted to and it would be a great thing...

Cloud Perspectives – …

Cloud storage is a big step towards streamlining your business. It allows you to store your client details and other information in a manner that is accessible from anywhere, at any time. You can build up a great web of data by interlinking Companies and Contacts with all manner of actions, sales details and support requests, helping you build a complete customer profile. Just like those clients, your own business is not a static entity - you are constantly evolving. Staff...

Having the Right Pers…

It is a common pitfall, especially in the tech industry, to assume that known tasks are therefore easy tasks. That just because you know how to do something (and that everyone in your office knows how to do the same thing), it is actually common knowledge. What do I mean by this? Let me give you an example: I was recently having a conversation with one of our developers about a new piece of software I wanted to introduce and had been...