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The Cloud is Just Better. End of.

02 February 2017 Written by 

I’m always amazed when I speak to people who would rather keep their data in a onsite server in their office rather than the Cloud.

I spoke to someone just this past weekend who was convinced that it was safer because they could see and touch that server in the back room of the office. They knew where it was and what it was doing…or at least knew that it wasn’t physically going anywhere.

And I can understand the peace of mind that kind of thinking might bring. But in my opinion it is often based on false assumptions.

Ok, so you think you’ll know if someone tries to steal it but what about your data? And you’ll know that something is going wrong if white smoke starts pouring out of it, but other than that, it offers little or no extra benefit.

If you’ve got your data in a Cloud hosted system like OpenCRM, you know that your data is snapshotted, backed-up, and stored in a mega-secure facility. (Is “mega” a level of security? Probably not, but you know what I mean.)

If something goes wrong with that database or data centre, you won’t see it like you would the server under your desk. Why? Because your system will be flipped over to a snapshot of it. You’ll be able to work right through it.

Plus, those servers are being looked after by trained professionals, not the alpha geek in your office. (You know the one I mean, the first person you ask about formatting a document or whether to install this thing that has just popped up.) Our servers are monitored 24/7 and given the latest security upgrades and patches. Seriously, it is one person’s job just to make sure the security of these servers is the best it can be.

Can the techie in your office say the same? Or are they also helping out with phones, installing new software on PCs, and generally doing their actual job? Remembering to check for server updates maybe once a month (or less).

Now I get a bit (A BIT!?!) passionate about OpenCRM and all the benefits that a cloud hosted solution can give a business, so forgive me if I’m getting carried away, but I just don’t understand why anyone would want to keep their precious data…information about their customers and products…in anything less than the most secure facility they could find.

Not some dusty cabinet in the corner of the office.

And I haven’t even started talking about the flexibility a cloud solution can give you…accessing your data from anywhere in the world. You see, why would you go with anything else?

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Graham Anderson

Before I got my start in the tech industry as part of Apple's UK Mac launch team, I was a professional drummer (notice I didn’t say musician). But once I got in, I was hooked and I’ve been involved in the tech industry, primarily software development, for over 20 years. I founded this company and I now have the enviable title of System Architect (as well as Managing Director) here at OpenCRM.


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