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Welcome to My Little Voice

Welcome to our blog. Its great to have you here.

We wanted a place where we could explain the type of work we do, our goals and passions, the business journey and any successes we have along the way. We also wanted somewhere to hold all that trivia that has a connection to what we do here at OpenCRM (sometimes we admit these links are very tenuous). Please take a look and feel free to contact us if you have any comments, ideas or feedback we would love to hear from you - just click here.

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Baby you can drive my car!


It is important that when you want to buy something new, whether it’s a new car, computer, or piece of software, you get to test drive it. We like to help you with that here at OpenCRM. With a demo of the full front end of our system, set up with 7 different example user personas, it is easy to take a seat at the wheel and take our baby for a spin.

The handy thing about not just having a demo, but having a fully populated demo is that you can see exactly why OpenCRM is so much more customisable and, well, personal than some of our competitors. Within most companies investing in a CRM

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New Year, New Start, New CRM System


When you start shopping for a new CRM system, you look for the best. We have your best Salesforce alternative here. Why is it the best? We have a tremendous team of project managers, superb support and stellar sales guys. Does that put us in line for your consideration? Good.

It is my birthday tomorrow! That means I’m a year older, I can pretend to be a little bit wiser, but it mostly means that I get to set new goals for the upcoming year:

- Get a house, so that I give my horse like puppy a yard to play in. - Save up to go on holiday to visit my friend in Mexico - Go to as many live

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Planning, Preparation, and Hard Work


Managing your business processes in a CRM system will keep you organised and on track. In order to pack those processes in, you may have to customise or configure your new CRM and sometimes even tweak the processes themselves. This transition will be worth it, though, once you’ve got your system in line with your business.

Whether moving into a new CRM, decorating a house, or even going camping, any undertaking takes planning, preparation, and hard work.

I went camping this past weekend and spent all last week going through this same process, albeit on a smaller scale. Shopping lists

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Has your CRM solution really got room for you to grow?


Each business has to start somewhere, as they say the first step is often the hardest. But, each day upon day, year upon year, if you stick to your goals, before you know it your business will be a thriving, well managed success. It is important that you have the correct tools at hand to help you along your journey, be it a team of trustworthy hard workers, reliable equipment, and/or a cloud hosted CRM system.

I’m off to Edinburgh Festival Fringe this weekend, I have been before, so I know what fun and madness there is in store. I am very much looking forward to seeing many comedy,

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60 Seconds to Clarity: 5 simple steps

five-claireSo many things happen in a day, you need your Cloud CRM system to be as seamless as possible. What can you do to make your life even simpler thanks to OpenCRM?


Did you know that the word priority, meaning “comes first, was originally only used in the singular? Because how could multiple things all be first on your list? It stayed that way for 500 years .

But in our day and age, it doesn’t seem possible that you ever have just one thing on your mind, making it difficult to keep track of it all. So it’s more important than ever to make sure you mark them as important.

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Need Help Clearing your Technical Hurdles?


Knowing about and utilising your resources is key to overcoming your technical hurdles, be they small, medium, or large.

Whenever I have a question, the first place I always look is our FAQ library. We keep technical questions for both our customers and ourselves in that library. Sometimes the answer to my question is right there, just waiting for me to find it. If it isn’t, I would usually go for a chat with the tech team.

Sometimes these chats are only five minutes long and are, essentially, me explaining the way I think something works to one of our support or project managers.

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Tips on Facing Your CRM Implementation Fears

Investing in a new CRM system can be daunting and you know what, I know how you feel! Trying to pick something that fulfills all of your requirements, like being low priced, cloud hosted, easily integrated, easy to use…the anxiety and pressure can easily start to build up.

I’ve recently been feeling anxious too, a week ago I was asked to umpire a hockey match for my team. Whilst being generally a little miserable about the fact this meant I couldn’t play – which would be lots more fun – I also felt unbelievably terrified of what would be a new experience for me. For the last

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Trust in the one true Calendar


Ever have those mornings when nothing works? Your brain doesn’t follow and you feel sluggish? You must not have the best Salesforce alternative to help you and your business keep their Cloud based systems up and running!

This week is not almost over, and it has been tough. A few weeks ago I mentioned getting a pup. Though I love Luna to pieces, she is like any baby and keeps me up and wakes me up at odd hours.

My sleeping has taken a bit of a hit and this week, it is catching up to me. Thank all the powers that be that I can rely on my calendar and activities reminders.


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Why CRM is the Cure for the Common Company Cold


When your company doesn’t have a CRM (or isn’t utilising the one they have), it’s a bit like the whole office coming down with a cold.

Having a cold is pretty miserable, you’re a bit sluggish and disorientated, not to mention the constant dull ache whenever you try to move. It can be the same for a company not using CRM.

How so? You ask. Well, let’s go through the symptoms of No-CRM-itis:

When you’ve got a cold, the last thing you want to do is exert yourself. You feel tired and listless, without any energy. A company without a CRM may be perfectly able to cope with

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A Man, a Plan, a Canal, Panama!

OpenCRM has many software integration options. Like goods on a ship passing through a canal, data can be passed easily from one software to another, keeping in sync, so different teams within a workforce can have the up to date information they need, when and where they need it. Be it emails, calendars, contact details, web forms, accounts, we have many ways to help make your use of information more streamlined and efficient. Please get in touch if you are interested in our integration possibilities.

With that is mind, did you know that it is now 100 years since first ship sailed through

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Perspective is Everything


What’s good for one person isn’t always good for the next. It’s one of those truths that can be applied to just about every situation, including finding the right CRM that can be tailored for your business.

A couple of days ago, a colleague and I were trying to finalise a design. She had just spent the past weekend out in the rain at a music festival, while I’d spent most of my weekend inside watching films, playing video games, and looking after my partner who had just sprained his ankle. The idea for the design revolved around various forms of precipitation.

I thought, as a

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Meaningful or Money-full?

I live in my Opportunities module. Using our cloudbased CRM is great for one simple reason: Instant access, (to my Opportunity module). People often tell me I don’t switch off or that I am coin operated. I disagree with both statements.

I love what I do, so I stay involved, always alert to my client’s needs. The stereotype around sales people is that they are money oriented. I’m not. I will NEVER make you buy something you do not need or that wouldn’t be beneficial and fair to you, for my personal gain. I would hate that someone do that to me, so why would I do it to you.


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MadLibs and Merge Variables

Creating Email and Mail Merge templates gives you the chance to standardise all your company communication and, if you’ve got an active imagination, let’s you relive some old childhood glory.

Do you remember MadLibs? Where your friend asks you for so many nouns, verbs, and adjectives and these get written down to create an (almost always) amusingly wacky story. My sister’s and mine always ended up with “lumpy” or “gross” simulacra of our friends and family involved in bizarre and “smelly” activities.

It occurred to me last week when I was working on a new Mail Merge

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How CRM Could Help Me Put on a Music Festival


I am actually out of office this week, volunteering for our local music festival in Richmond called Richmond Live.

I have so much respect for the committee who every year work tirelessly to put on this event which hosts 17 hours of live music, plus catering and nice craft stalls. With so many committee meetings, fundraisers and email circulations, hours upon hours go into the organization of equipment, marketing, staffing, health and safety and general –things-that-make–festivals-happen!

I am not a committee member, but I do work closely with the team as their allocated designer of

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What did getting a puppy teach me about CRM?


What happens when you have a new employee to train on your system, but you don’t have the support of a great trainer or a team member who is well versed in the product? It becomes a lot harder for everyone involved. 

I always recommend our training team to my clients. Why would you frustrate yourself to try and teach something you aren’t well versed in and risk letting down your new hire? Don’t! Here at OpenCRM, we have an amazing group of trainers ready to give you as little or as much training as you will need. 

With a Cloud based CRM system, like any other new system really,

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Let’s Work Together


Centralised collaboration and feedback is essential when you’re working on a big, team project. You know what it’s like to work on a big assignment as a group, it’s so easy to lose track of who suggested what and who is taking care of which task.

I’ve recently been working on a pretty big project with people from a variety of different teams here at OpenCRM. We’ve got our Project set up for it, so it’s easy for everyone to link all of their completed and pending Activities to see who is supposed to be doing what.

So that’s one part of group organisation.

The second part,

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What Monty Python can teach us about Email Marketing

Last Sunday, I was amongst the thousands of avid fans watching the global finale of the Monty Python’s O2 Arena show, and boy was it a show. We watched it at our local cinema which was a great experience as it was quite nice literally ‘laughing out loud’ with people we knew from the area.

The other week I wrote a post in homage to the Python’s sketch ‘Dead Parrot’, this week I would like to continue in the same ‘quite silly’ vein, choosing the SPAM sketch. In this sketch an old-ish couple walk into a café looking (as you do) for something to eat. The lady* behind the

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Work's a Beach!


Do you often find yourself bringing work on holiday with you? Do you find yourself at diner with your family, checking your emails while sipping a mojito?

Well, you might be super duper busy, or you might just be disorganised! I don’t judge. I am a bit of both, but since starting work at OpenCRM, I realise I am relying less on memory and more on the amazing tool I have at hand.

With our wonderful SalesForce alternative, we have an easier way to let you delegate with our “Notify” and “Assign to” features. You can rest assured that the work will get picked up, and, you can

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Support Growth, Don’t Hinder It


Growing a business isn't easy, why make the transition any harder with a CRM system that won't grow with you? I was babysitting my nephew for most of the day Saturday. He’s 11 and will freely acknowledge that he’s in that “awkward age” where he’s not really a kid anymore, but also not quite a teenager. Saying that, you do get glimpses of both from time to time…with the teenager side rearing its head more and more often.

I remember being that age and finding it very frustrating. On one hand, I wanted to still be a kid and would try to play the same games with my friends as we

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