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Sales Management

Being able to pour prospective customers into the mix is the mainstay of any sales team. Using the Leads module in OpenCRM, you can manage this process effectively, squeezing as much juice out of each enquiry as possible. Once you’ve moved past the enquiry stage, give your sales team the tools they need to target the low hanging fruit with the Opportunity module. They and you can track the progress of each and every deal.

Easily create a Quote direct from an Opportunity, with no tedious re-typing. Output your quote to a PDF or simply email the PDF direct from OpenCRM with just a few clicks. Without leaving the Quote module, easily track the values of Quotes delivered, see which Quotes are outstanding, and have OpenCRM remind you when a Quote is due to expire.


Manage your customer journey

We all know that Leads are the start of the customer journey, how we manage that journey, especially the first few conversations, determines how effective we are and how professional we appear.

OpenCRM gives you the ability to track Leads from their initial creation right the way through to a prospective opportunity, easily and productively.

The goal of OpenCRM is to make life easier and to offer sales people the tools to track and follow up their enquiries effectively.

Target your leads

Sales people love to pick the low hanging fruit, so give them a way to grade the fruit before picking.

Rate your Leads using whichever labels you chose and view them based on these weighted values. Once the Lead hits a trigger point, defined by you, you can move them quickly and easily through the next stage in your sales process.

All of the information that you collected during the Lead stage is transfered automatically, including all of the communication, ensuring you don't miss a beat.

Communicate with your leads

Build campaign lists using custom views & searches, and then action these lists by sending emails, creating activities for telemarketing, or producing merged mailable documents. Reuse these lists and add them to a Campaign as part of a structured, targeted, marketing process.

Bring 'em in

Leads can be created through affiliate websites, your own contact us/enquiry web forms, or via inbound emails, whatever you need.

Once created you can assign Leads to relevant members of the sales team, with auto notifications to your colleagues to let them know they have a new enquiry.

Import Leads from external sources, including CSV files.

So the next time you attend an exhibition or purchase a mailing list for a specific campaign, simply import the list into OpenCRM and be sure that all of the information you need is stored in one, convenient location.


Visualise your sales

Tracking the deals that matter most & picking this low hanging fruit is what drives sales teams and your businesses bottom line.

Using OpenCRM Opportunity Management gives you a great place to track prospective sales, graded by Stage, Value, Probability, and Expected Close Date, as well as many different custom parameters that you decide.

See at a glance which opportunities are nearing their closing date, which have taken longer than usual, and which opportunities have changed their value.

In one click, get a graphical view of your sales pipeline for the month or year and easily scroll through the individual pipelines of your entire sales team. Sales team members get to see their own pipeline graph of forecasted business, with an easy method to filter Opportunities at a specific stage to help them close more deals.

Information at your fingertips

Track the expected revenue generation as part of your pipeline management, simply record expected revenue and the dates that this revenue is due. You can also produce revenue reports to reflect the true cash expectations of your sales deals, not just the win values.

Track last Actions, Emails, Calls, Tasks, Documents and easily see the History of an Opportunity, including all of the communication relating to an Opportunity. See what is still outstanding and needs your attention.

And so much more

Need to get a list of all the Opportunities that are due to close this month, or Big Deals that are in the pipeline? Easy, just use the custom view feature or create custom links to display Competitors, Partners or third parties that may be involved with an Opportunity.

Specify products that are of interest to satisfy an enquiry.

Notify colleagues of an Opportunity so that you can get their support and know-how.

Easily create Quotes, Sales Orders and Projects direct from the Opportunity, helping you to see the big picture.


Automate your sales process

Once a Quote has been generated, you can set OpenCRM to automatically update the Opportunity value and sales stage to ensure the information you're seeing is accurate, no matter where you are in the system.

You can also create and schedule Activities for a Quote as part of your larger Quotation management and approval process.

Once you've moved the sale through to the next stage, easily create the Sales Order direct from the Quote, ensuring all associated documentation is transferred.

Track sales commission at Quote level and automatically transfer it to the Sales Order.

Customise your quotes

Manage currency conversion centrally within your OpenCRM system, either automatically based on up-to-date exchange rates or manually. Quote your customers in their local currency every time or on a Quote-by-Quote basis.

Assign Pricebooks to specific customers and have these automatically applied to a Quote, ensuring that your customer is always quoted on pre-agreed pricing. You can even change these Pricebooks on the fly to offer preferential rates for large orders or to manage special offers.

Full integration

Your Quote module is fully integrated with your Product Database, allowing you to add product line times, as well as track buy prices, sales prices, and margins.

You can adjust line item figures within the Quote itself to reflect contract pricing without changing your Product Database. Group line items together and list subtotals for various groupings and display these subtotals on the PDF, making your pricing strategy clear.

Now your sales people can easily mark prices up or down based on values, percentages, as well as offering discounts as required.

You can even link your Quotes to your Campaigns, tracking the prospective deal values resulting from that Campaign.



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