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System Configuration

The information you hold in your OpenCRM system is vital to your business, and you need to be confident that it is only accessible to the right people. Give users security levels and data access appropriate to their job and decide which tabs you wish groups of users to see. Organise your system to suit your business, adding or removing as many fields as are necessary for people to work efficiently.

Not sure how your processes fit into OpenCRM? We can work with you to produce a full scoping document to make sure there are no surprises when the time comes to implement your CRM solution

Advanced Settings

Customise and make it yours

Personalise key parts of OpenCRM. Add your own company details and logo, its easy, just upload a JPG image within the company profile page.

Create email and document templates to ensure that all of your communication is on brand.

Manage custom search screens, allowing users the ability to search for records based on the information that is important to them.

You have full control

Manage different currencies, set up Targets (company wide or by user), and use Pricebooks to manage different pricing structures, including default Pricebooks for different types of customer.

You can also configure your own duplicate checking rules, automate sending emails, and SMS messages based on rules you define...there are hundreds of options within OpenCRM, giving you the flexibility that you need.

Our goal is to give you the tools to be able to manage your system yourself, giving you the ability to build your knowledge and create a system that will work the way that you do.

User Permissions

Limitless options

There are also two other pre-configured types of administrators: Configuration Administrators and Data Administrators.

Configuration Administrators can make system wide changes, adding custom fields, email templates, lookup values, and much more.

Data Administrators, however, have access to all of the data features in OpenCRM, but are restricted from making any changes to the configuration of your system.

This gives you an easy way to allow someone full visibility of the data within your system, without opening up access to the more 'technical' features.

Remember, you decide who gets which levels of access and what they can see and change within those levels.

The control you need

All OpenCRM systems have their own 'system administrator,' a user who can create other users, add permissions, change fields and values, and carry out a myriad of other configuration options. These administrators can set up the security levels and data access at the Profile, Group, and Record level.

Configuring system wide parameters is easy with functions available for you to tailor user access, giving you the power to determine what information and which parts of the system are appropriate to any given user or user group.

You can easily specify who has access to which module, whether they can edit these records or just view the, and even mark individual records with further restrictions.

Custom Fields

Your system, your data

Each and every business is different. Each has different ways of managing the customer journey. As such, each business will need to hold slightly different information on their CRM system.

Recognising this fact, you can add as many custom fields to your OpenCRM system as you need. And that’s not just for Contacts and Leads, you can add unlimited custom fields to any module in the system.

Variety is the spice of life

In terms of the the type of information you want to hold, OpenCRM offers over 25 different types of custom field, including:

  • Long and short text fields
  • Dropdowns
  • Date fields
  • Calculation fields
  • And so much more!

You can even set up conditional fields that will only appear when the criteria you set are matched.

A Place for Everything

Keep everything in its place with the drag-and-drop Layouts in OpenCRM. You can easily change the order your fields, both system and custom, appear on your page.

Assign different Layouts to different Profiles to ensure that your various teams can see exactly what they need to see, without any unnecessary distractions.

The information displayed to each team in your business can now be tailored to exactly fit their roles and responsibilities. Easily keep sensitive data visible to only those people who need to see it, without reducing the functionality of your system.

Data Migration

Migration made easy

Perhaps you have been using an alternative product, maybe, Goldmine, or Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and are worried about losing all of that data.

Don’t panic.

We can migrate the data maintaining the links between entities, so that your users get the whole story and not just the edited highlights.

We have been involved with a wide range of data migration projects of different types, which have required us to develop agile methodologies to cater for a variety of complex circumstances.

We use our own tools that have been developed over years to make the process as streamlined as possible.

Easy as 1,2,3…

Need to export some data from OpenCRM so that you can carry out some complex data manipulation or add some more information? No problem. You can easily export your data with just a few clicks.

Once you're done, just re-import that data and merge it with the existing records.


Do I really need a Portal?

We all work odd hours or deal with people in different time zones & expecting your office to be open 24/7 as a mid market organisation is probably just not realistic.

Self service 'contact centres' are becoming increasingly popular, not only with suppliers but customers who want or need to be able to access relevant information, when they need it, or, request customer support when it is convenient to them.

What is a Portal?

Customer Portals are also referred to as “Self Service Portals” because Customers can access the information anytime, anywhere, whenever they like.

Essentially, the OpenCRM Customer Portal is a way for your customers, suppliers, or partners to access the information from your system. The information itself is defined exclusively by you, so if you’ve got anything private or only want people to have access to certain tidbits, that’s entirely within your control.

What kind of information?

You can give your Contacts access to a variety of information, including:

  • View Invoices (due and historic)
  • Receive and manage Quotations on-line
  • Download public and private documents
  • View and eSign Sales Orders
  • Display Projects and their statuses - including activities and any supporting documentation
  • View their HelpDesk Tickets
  • Consult your FAQ's
  • Manage My Account details

Portals can also be used very effectively to communicate with Partners and Suppliers sharing information or collaborating on Projects in real time.

What’ll it cost me?

The portal itself is free and so is the installation!

If you like, you can iFrame it on your website for free. If you’d like us to help you re-brand it, there is a small fee.

Bespoke Modules

Need something special?

A number of our customers use OpenCRM as a framework for custom system development. Following this 80/20 rule with 80% of their system requirement already provided within OpenCRM and the 20% being created as a bespoke project.

We have a great deal of experience in delivering extended OpenCRM systems which enhance business performance and deliver tailored solutions.

We’ll work with you

Delivering bespoke software development is traditionally a risky business but using OpenCRM as the cornerstone of the development process, with a large part of the work already delivered and stable, takes the sting out of the tail.

The track record of our team, as well as the enviable project list of OpenCRM users, makes a bespoke module or solution a low risk decision. If you are interested in talking about a specific bespoke solution just drop us a line, we would welcome the opportunity to discuss what you need in more detail.



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