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The musings of our CRM Team

When I was 22…Be Bold!

ifiwere22 bold
LinkedIn recently asked what advice people would give to a 22 year old just starting out in the world, based on their own life experience. So the blogging team at OpenCRM thought we’d have a go at it.

I was really happy when I was 22…I was focused on the future, but had a great job that I loved, some wonderful hobbies, and was very involved in my local community. The job was with the university museum where I had worked as an undergraduate.

Most of my friends had left after graduation, so I was a bit lonely, but between my job and my volunteer work, I made some new friends and, most

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Nudge me into OpenCRM - Tungle on!

John "Hannibal" Smith would be proud - we love it when a plan comes together.

When we developed the GSync for OpenCRM functionality we did this with a clear set of goals, these included enhancing a very robust server side synchronisation engine that could drive GSync and also third party synchronisations and putting your OpenCRM contact and calendar items into a place that could act as a conduit to integrate with other top draw applications.

Well Google was the obvious choice and GSync for OpenCRM was launched as a Beta back in July. Getting your contact and calendar items into Google has

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Once more from the top!

Do you ever feel bullied into a particular way of thinking? You know, the guy in the corner who has a strong opinion and because what he says ‘sorta’ sounds right, you end up going with the flow along with everyone else in the room and the more people that get behind his argument the more difficult it is to uncouple your carriage from his train? Well that’s in a way what I worry about with Social CRM. Lots of people trying frantically to shoehorn their business strategy into the ‘this is how you should do it’ force-fed ideas.

All the big CRM hitters are spouting off about ‘cloud

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C and R and M and a bit of Social

Let’s have a quick look at the letters CRM and what they stand for.

  • Customer – who you need to provide income and keep your business going
  • Relationship – how you interact with C
  • Management – provides a structure for your daily work routine bringing C and R together

A lot gets written these days about adding “Social” to CRM, but this really is nothing new. The common goals of Social and CRM are to attract new customer and provide the best customer service there is. It’s always been necessary to provide interaction on a social level in order to make the machine

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Your Open-Plan Office In The Cloud(s)

Is it a coincidence that we work in an open-plan office here at OpenCRM? Like our office set-up, a CRM solution helps break down walls and silos that are found in a traditional business model. Divisions between sales and delivery are a cause of higher cost both financially, and in terms of human resources.  And not only that, but these divisions are just old fashioned and that won't do now, will it?!

With the global market both growing and shrinking at the same time, the ties between sales and service delivery have never been more essential. Yep, you read correct – getting bigger and

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Interesting LinkedIn security

I have just been dealing with some connection invites and connecting to some interesting people on my LinkedIn network and I noticed something that just seems weird!

My laptop recognised me when I went to the LinkedIn site, which is what it always does and is great. No need to login but at least the context of the main screens reflects my information.

I did a couple of searches for people who have come onto the radar this week and requested that they connect to my network, as you do. Part of this process is to send out a personal message - I hate the default message in LinkedIn and on the

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My CLOUD Spirit

Sometimes real world events spark up a thought process that has its roots in what we do as a business but the emphasis is firmly "vapourware", one of these occurred today.

It’s my birthday and therefore I have been thinking about the future. Not in a morbid kinda way, more trying to rationalize what digital imprint I could leave behind after I am gone. I mean with Facebook, twitter and all the other digital baggage that we carry around and the obvious growth of our online digital presence, well it’s an interesting thought.

What really interested me though is how we could haunt

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Turning management into care

One of the benefits of your CRM system is contact management, giving you the benefit of having all the contacts and contact information you need at your fingertips anywhere as long as you have an internet connection.

The first line of customer care will always be satisfaction – ensuring that customer needs and orders are fulfilled as quickly, reliably and professionally as possible. But with advanced use of your CRM system you can build on these foundations and take your customer satisfaction to beyond expected levels and make a real impact on your customer loyalty.

As the name of CRM

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LinkedIn Product Recommendations - Good or not?

I came across this very interesting post by Ian Hendry and just had to offer a link.

In essence what Ian is saying is 'right on the money' in terms of current trends, LinkedIn has some real value, but the idea that everyone is just back slapping and recommending without any real knowledge of each other is terrible, but what I think is really funny is how Ian posts a product recommendation for a Dell Server that he admits he does not have...

If you are interested in LinkedIn and the new concept of Company pages, this will interest you, take a look here.

It goes without saying that OpenCRM

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Changes to how I Blog

I have always classed myself as someone who is "technology friendly", but when it comes to blogging, it has always seemed an effort, until now!

I have changed the way that I blog, and this is the first real NEW blog entry, after this change, and it has opened my eyes to a new world (well, it's made my blogging life easier anyway :-)

As a business we use Joomla a lot. We deliver websites and portals that plug into OpenCRM, quite cool.

My previous blogs were a part of our company portal, using a joomla component to display Articles as blogs. This worked well as far as a blog product goes,

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The change is coming!

have just decided to use Linkedin to communicate and promote what I do personally, and therefore by default, what Software Add-ons - The Home of OpenCRM do. I have been a member for a while now, but not really done anything on the network.

So I guess I am going to have to write a bit more interesting and also relevant and structured, so my blog will be changing. If you want to find me at LinkedIn, just go to to see my Profile and please (other linkedin users) feel free to connect to me, I would love to join as many networks as possible.

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CRM and Social Networking - HELP!!

I have been talking to a number of contributors, to technology blogs and white papers, and I have to say that on the subject of Social Networks and how they relate, and more important should integrate with, CRM solutions, I am a little confused.

I can fully understand why social network products have become so important, this is not in question, but how this impacts on your CRM solution, is more difficult.

For example, I CAN understand how you could have a membership or subscription website, that requires a lot of social interaction between the members and these members cause a real

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