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How does Product Kitting work? How can I sell products as part of a bundle?

Updated: 17 December 2012 17:08:30 OpenCRM::Quotes OpenCRM::Orders::Sales Orders OpenCRM::Invoice OpenCRM::Products

This is a  feature available to systems which are on OpenCRM version 3.5 and above

This is a way of selling a group of products as part of a bundle. A bundle is a product item in OpenCRM, which has other products linked as Components. This means you can add this bundle, or group of products, to a quote, sales order, purchase order or invoice. For example, you might sell a PC, which consists of various components which in themselves are individual products - a processor, motherboard, memory, hard drive, power supply, case and optical drive. Selling all of these components as a single product means your customer is able to buy a complete product without missing an of the components they might otherwise not order.

This FAQ explains how to use this feature together with standard stock management.

Setting up a bundle

To create a bundle product, a product needs to be created to hold the component parts.  Once that is created and saved, the components need to be linked to the product using the “Components” sub-tab:


Next, an existing product can be added to the bundle (Select Product), or a new product can be created and linked (New Product).  Clicking to select a product will pop-up a window where you can search for and select products and add them to the bundle. Once selected, the product will be added under the components sub-tab on the product. The field “bundle product” will then automatically be set to “yes” on the Main product:

You can repeat the process of adding products to the bundle until it is complete. It is worth noting that products will be displayed in a bundle in the order in which they are added. For this reason, it is worth making sure that the first product added is a vital component - the reason for this will be apparent later in the document.

You can also set the Quantity of each Product added to a bundle. In the example above, we have created a CRM package as a bundle. Here you may wish to set a default number of Professional Services Days to three instead of one. To do this, you need to click on Edit Link on the appropriate bundle product line:

This pops up a window where you can adjust the quantity of this product included in the bundle.

You may also have bundles containing products where you do not know the quantity needed. To continue with our example above, you may need to decide the number of professional services day on a case by case basis. Or you may sell a product such as cable, where you need to select the number of metres purchased in each different sale.

In this instance, you can set the Component Quantity to 0 (zero). As it is not possible to produce a sales document in OpenCRM with a product quantity of zero, you will be forced to populate this field manually each time you use the Bundle. If you forget to set this value, OpenCRM will not proceed in saving the record and you will receive the following reminder message on screen:

You are able to add the bundle to a quote, sales order, purchase order or invoice in the same way that you would add a single product - by navigating to the Product section of the sales record and clicking the magnifying glass to select the product to be added.You will then be prompted to select if you would like to use the Product Bundle as a group.

Both of the options here will add the components of the bundle product to the product grid, but the option selected determines what else to do.  Clicking “OK” will then create a product grouping for the products in that bundle with a group name using the name of the bundle product.  Clicking “Cancel” doesn’t add any grouping for the products, and they appear on the product grid as any regular product would appear.

In the example below we have selected OK, to user the bundle product as a group. In the screenshot you can see the individual components of the Product bundle as listed, the quantity of product that is ordered (including the 3 days Professional Services), and under the section Group Sub Totals and Discounts you can see the Bundle itself is listed. You can manually alter the quantities of  each product line, and at the end of each Product row EXCEPT for the first product is a button to delete the product. This is why we mentioned earlier that your first product in a bundle needs to be an essential component as this cannot be removed.

 From this point onwards you can continue to create your CRM records as per usual, including outputting the record to a PDF document, converting a quote to a sales order etc.

Duplicating Bundles

You are also able to create Duplicate Bundles. This is achieved by using the Duplicate Bundle button.

This button will create a new Product including the associated Component parts - the Duplicate button will only create a Product and not link the Components.

This would be useful when selling Product Kits which differ slightly in their component parts, for example you may sell Computer kits with varying memory capacity, or with additional hardware options such as a monitor or printer. Creating a duplicate bundle will create a new Product with Components already linked, allowing you to edit the components of the bundle.

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