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How do I Install - I am having problems installing - I receive error messages when installing the Outlook Addin?

Updated: 19 May 2014 17:03:09 OpenCRM::Emails OpenCRM::Add-in::Outlook



Please download the Outlook add-in from the following location:


Either click on the hyperlink above or copy and paste the complete URL into your browser and select GO.



To install this new version you should close Outlook and then remove the current installation. This can be done by;

Windows XP : Start > Control Panel > Add or Remove programs. In this list you need to find the 'OpenCRM Outlook Addin install' and then remove.

Windows Vista : Windows Menu > Control Panel > Programs and Features. In this list you need to find the 'OpenCRM Outlook Addin install' and then remove.

Once you have carried out the removal, run the set-up file located in the downloaded ZIP folder and follow the instructions on screen.



If you are a new user to the Outlook addin, you should download and then run the set-up file located in the downloaded ZIP folder and follow the instructions on screen. Outlook should be completly closed when installing this add-in

  • if you recive any warnings regarding existing files being newer than the one that is being tried to install, please select to KEEP the existing files.

  • If you receive any messages regarding files in use, you can safely choose the IGNORE option. This occurs as some of the files are now pre-bundled with Windows and so already exist on your system.

  • Once installation is complete restart Outlook
  • The Outlook Addin will have been added as a tool bar in Outlook 2007 or will appear under the "Add-Ins" tab in Outlook 2010
  • Click "OpenCRM" and then "Login"



  • Enter your OpenCRM User Name, Password and your OCRM URL, Your OCRM URL is the address you use in your web browser to access OpenCRM e.g.
  • Check the "Remember Me" box to save your user details and click Login



  • If, during installation, you see the error "System files are out of date...", see this FAQ


  • If you see the error "Error initialising log file" Please see the following FAQ



What versions of Windows / Office do you support for the OpenCRM Outlook Add-in?

The Outlook add-in is supported on any version of Office/Outlook from 2003 up to Outlook/Office 2013 (32 bit) and Windows XP up to Windows 7 (64 or 32 bit).

It should also work on Windows 8 but due to the infancy of the operating system we have come across some issues here.

Due to changes in components shipped with Office 2013, some manual intervention may be required following the standard setup process. Contact the OpenCRM support team for assistance in this instance.

Installation of the Outlook Add-in on Virtual machines and Parallels for Mac should work, but is not officially supported.

We do not support 64bit Office of any version.

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